Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Due to family stuff my blog may be a bit intermittent for a while as I am having trouble concentrating on things.
However I have just joined Jude Hill's 'What if Diaries' over at Spirit Cloth and am hoping they will keep me sane.


Its two weeks since my last post, so this is just a quick hello. A lot has been going on, family stuff and also we went to Oslo for a long weekend which was great, very interesting, but very expensive. Everybody was very friendly and the weather was hot during the day which was a bit unexpected.
Enjoying an evening drink, outside, it was very warm.

We arrived on constitution day so most people were in national dress. Below is a taster, a bit out of order as downloaded from two cameras.
National costume and tall ship

The viking museum

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Vigeland Sculpture Park

National costume

National costume

Tall ship

The Viking museum had 3 amazing burial ships with the contents

Viking museum

Cultural museum

The Cultural museum had lots of weavings and equipment

Cultural museum

Opera House

Panorama of part of the harbour

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Arts Week

Arts Week has finally finished, it has been a great but exhausting week. We have had many positive comments from visitors about our venue, display and work. Visitor numbers are up by 25 per cent on 2011 and we have had good sales. Mainly its just great meeting so many interested and positive people and discussing craft with them.
I never did get any more outside photos, weather turned a bit wet and windy.
Now onto the next project, an exhibition at the Bristol Guild in June.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Arts week, another day

My work and Jo Jones sculpture

My work

My work
 Some more work from my studio, another quite busy day with more sales, sadly not many of them mine though I sold the two denim covered notebooks.
Beautiful weather, visitors enjoyed being able to walk round the garden.
I will post a few outside images tomorrow.
My work

My work

My brothers work, Simon Phelps

Simon Phelps

Simon Phelps

Simon Phelps

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Late Spring flowers

 Some late spring flowers, I never know which varieties I plant, the tulips on the right have been flowering for about three weeks and are stunning.
Variegated honesty

Tete a Tete

Clematis Cirrhosa


Arts Week Exhibition

We had another very good day despite very strong winds. To busy to take photos while the light was good, hopefully I will be able to get some tomorrow.

Friday, 3 May 2013

This week I went to visit two of the venues taking part in the Stroud International Textile Festival. I don't have any photos unfortunately. Visited the Brunel Broderers exhibition 'Suited' in the Lansdown Gallery in which they all worked with suiting fabrics and have produced very varied and interesting pieces. Their exhibitions are always excellent.
I also visit the Museum in the Park where Hille Liebelt was exhibiting. Her work is exquisite, very fine tapestry weaving with subtle changes of colour, just beautiful, well worth a visit.
At the weekends SIT have a studio trail which I would love to visit but can't due to commitments at my own studio.

North Somerset Arts Week

Jo Jones - Long View

Jo Jones

My work and Jo Jones
 Its that time of year again, I have been very busy getting ready for arts week. Images of my studio and some of the work. Will take some more tomorrow.

Severn Ceramics Group

Gail Darke

Simon Taylor

Jo Jones