Sunday, 23 April 2017

Not weaving but drowning

Actually that is rather an exaggeration but I am having trouble coming up with ideas for larger pieces, the tapestry and the stitched piece are both based on patching and are for the upcoming exhibition with Liz Hewitt, Rusted, Weathered and Worn.
The tapestry is in different shades of grey with a fine maroon line between each patch, difficult to see, this is the first larger piece I have started.
The stitched piece will probably be a cushion cover and is made from an old linen skirt backed with part of an old sheet, which is a joy to stitch, very soft.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Burnt offerings

Silk noil and silk mix thread

Well what can I say, I had beautiful colour when I turned the dye pot off but I hadn't turned it off at the mains so for some reason it decided to carry on cooking, all night. The yellow shade is a bit darker than these photos.
I can still use these but they are not the lovely yellow I was expecting.
The process I followed was mainly from Jenny Dean's book Wild Colour, it does all get a bit smelly so I would advise doing it outside if you can.
The daffodil season is over so I have a whole year to wait to try it again.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My new dye garden

New dye garden
 I now have a small patch for dye plants and have already sown seeds of tagetes and purple carrot. Weld seeds are growing in my cold frame. My one and only woad plant is just coming into flower so I will harvest seed from that later in the year.
I had some indigo plants in here last year but they didn't flower in time to survive the frosts.
Woad nearly in flower

Quince flower

Daffodils in soak

Below is a flower on the quince tree I planted last year which is in the same flower bed.

I have been collecting daffodil flowers from various family member's gardens. These have been in soak for a couple of days in an aluminium pan and a good colour is developing. So watch this space for the results. I don't have a lot of dye so will probably just try some threads.
Dandelions will be next, they are taking over my lawn, and then I want to try Rosemary of which I have loads. I have lots of flowers in the garden which I want to try, dark colour tulips worked well last year, as did blue iris and a shrub whose name has completely escaped me at the moment.
Exciting times.