Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Eco printing/dyeing - some thoughts

Recently I have been slightly disappointed with the results of my eco printing especially compared to many of the results I have seen on fb and other blogs where the results are amazing with beautiful colours and prints. It seems many practitioners are now using iron blankets, iron water or ferrous sulphate. I am not criticising the use of these I am partial to using a little iron water now and again.  However I am not sure that I would want to use these in my practice when I am dyeing a wearable item, which is the direction I am moving towards. I wouldn't want to wear something against my skin that had been in contact with iron.
I guess I will to have keep to my subtle colours, which I do like, or move to Australia.
If there is anybody out there who achieves amazing prints and colours without using anything other than plant material I would love to know your secrets.

In the meantime 2 and other stuff

For some reason these didn't upload off my camera last time, first three are of fungi growing in the garden.
I have also had info sent to me by blogger about stuff I don't really understand so can you let me know if you are having any problems seeing my blog

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

In the meantime

 At the moment I am busy dyeing scarves and weaving more pebble hangings for the christmas open at Weston quarry. In the meantime a few pictures of autumn colour from the garden. These photos haven't really picked up the colours properly.
Sorbus and winter jasmine

Rose hips and nameless shrub

Continus with paperbark maple in front

Cotinus, many of the fallen leaves are now in the dyepot