Thursday, 21 November 2013

Autumn colour

 I am still furiously working towards my open studio next weekend but thought I would post some photos of the garden. The miniature Acers (they just don't grow) are slowly dropping their leaves which I am collecting for dyeing.

I am also going to try using the strawberry leaves in dyeing, haven't tried them before.

The marigolds are still flowering away and I also have a yellow rose in flower and quite a few salvias

Probably won't have much time to post now until my exhibition is all set up.

Treasure Trove


I was lucky enough to be picked out of the hat for a giveaway from Christi at a few weeks ago.
She called the giveaway a bag of scraps, not how i would have described them, a treasure trove of beautiful designs, fabrics and textures., and a very generous amount. Thank you Christi.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Christmas Exhibition

I am opening my studio again for Christmas this year, slightly apprehensive and excited at the same time. I haven't managed to get much work done this year so its good that everybody else has, plus I have two more artists who may want to take part.
I have eco dyed a few items of clothing, it will be interesting to get some feedback on these and on my stitched pieces. Lots of work still to do, its amazing how long all the finishing off and labelling takes.

Fungi in the Garden, Moonrise and Sunset

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Part 3

While we were in Yorkshire we also visited Haworth Parsonage where the Brontes lived. This was very interesting and we were lucky enough to be there whilst there was an installation on by Charlotte Cory
 An installation by Charlotte Cory, one of the country's leading surreal photographic artists. The exhibition is an imaginative, witty and informative exploration of the Brontës and the history of early photography, drawing on the Victorian craze for collecting cartes des visite – portraits once produced in their millions and now discarded. Using twenty-first century techniques, Cory creates colourful new characters for these long forgotten figures, which are at the same time poignantly reminiscent of Victorian taxidermy; animals collected and preserved for posterity in their glory, and now extinct.

 This was fascinating and increased my enjoyment of the exhibition though reading the visitors book there was a mixed reaction, I think people either loved or hated it.
The village is also very pretty and there is an amazing sculptress who has a gallery there whose name I can't remember.

We then travelled on to Grimsby to see Alice Fox's exhibition 'Tide Marks', an excellent exhibition, I loved it all, one day I may get to own a piece of her work. So lucky to get to see this, only because it coincided with Cloth and Memory. look at her site to see work from the exhibition
Both exhibitions gave me lots of inspiration.

Above me doing my thing on Cleethorpes beach, hubby took the top two photos, the long view and of course I took the interesting ones. This is a beautiful beach and full of interesting finds.

Next stop was Lincoln where we stayed in another apartment with views of the cathedral. I seem to have stopped using my camera by this stage. We visited the cathedral, the castle and walked down Steep Hill, and it was, especially on the way back to see the canal that runs through the town.
Next day we drove back and I went to work on designing and printing fliers and posters for my Christmas open studio.
I've been a very busy bee, hence not many posts recently.

Saltaire part 2 Salt Mills - Cloth and Memory Part 2

Gallery from one direction
 First impressions when you enter the gallery is the immensity of the space, you can hardly see from one end to the other. Its something like 10,000 sq ft.
and the other

Koji Takaki

Jeanette Appleton
Only when you have recovered your breath can you concentrate on the exhibits. These are many and very varied. I haven't taken many photos, I could have taken hundreds.

Most of the exhibitors were either British or Japanese and the differences in their work was considerable, you could see the differences in the textile practices between the two countries very clearly.
The relationship between the artists and the space and history of the mill was also fascinating. Thats all I am going to say, look at for further images and information.

Visit to Saltaire and other places part 1

Oats Royd Mill from above, a very steep climb

Morning cloud in the valley

Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge

View from apartment window

Views from window.

View from window
I don't know why some of these images are very small.
We have been away for a few days, we stayed in a lovely apartment in an old mill near Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire. Hebden Bridge itself is a fascinating place though we didn't go exploring upwards, very steep, but stayed in the river area.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Lucky winner

The lucky winner of my small woven bowl is................ Marti
Marti please can you email your name and address to I won't be able to include the lichens but I am sure as a forager you will be able to add your own treasures.