Sunday, 24 August 2014

Proud Mum

If you have been watching The Mill on Channel 4 in the UK or are interested in industrial history or textiles watch The Real Mill on More4 at 9pm tonight. I am shamelessly promoting this as my son was involved in the making of it.
He also has two films showing at the Venice Film Festival next week.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

I think its over

Rust on silk

You may have noticed that I work in bouts of activity. I think this one may be over. I have finished all my little projects and probably will be having a break from dyeing experiments.

I will be working in the background on various on going projects but may not be blogging for a little while.

Dyeing yarn

Well who would have guessed that dead buddleia heads would produce this beautiful mustard yellow.
from left to right silk, white wool, the thread that India Flint uses, off white wool and off white silk no mordant was used. 
The recipe for this came from Jenny Dean's new book, A Heritage of Colour.
 I haven't washed to yarns yet so they may lighten also they are not very evenly dyed as I had too much stuff in the dye pot but I don't mind that.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

A little something I have also been working on.

Wall with ivy

Close up

Close up
Evening sewing with various scraps, gifted, dyeing experiments and old clothes. The ivy is cut from a favourite skirt that literally fell to pieces.

Woven cloth sampler

Sampler of cloth weaving techniques from
 Jude's class

Close up

Close up

I tried to post two of these on the Forum over at Jude's but they wouldn't send, to big for my email I think, so anyway now they are here.
I had fun doing this though didn't have an embroirdery hoop so the thread weaving is a bit wonky.
I may even get round to turning it into a cushion cover one of these days.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Some more results from our fun day.

Rose leaves and fushia flowers in silk

Top wallflowers and onion skins, left wallflowers in copper bath
right euculyptus print overdyed with wallflowers in copper bath

detail wallflowers on silk

detail euculytus overdyed with wallflowers on silk

all of the above metal objects bundled with day lilies in wool
Not bad results from the bundling, very pleased with the wallflowers, you can't really see the full effect from the photos, these have not been washed yet but if the colour holds I think my flowerbeds may be full of wallflowers next year. These were frozen, the original colour was a very dark red, which turned purple when bundled and predominately green when cooked, interesting.
and some rust dyeing as well


houses and a moon?
One rusty piece is still in the garden, the cloth was soaked in salt water and then brushed with tea once bound up, put in a plastic bag and left outside for a week. They have all been hand washed, even the paper, Khadi paper is very strong.
These are odd small remnants of cotton.