Friday, 24 June 2016


Still life now has a background and is waiting
to be framed.
I have been feeling very sad today after our Brexit vote and have not been able to concentrate on much. I have been wandering around in and out of the garden between showers and just doing some finishing off on framing some of the pieces for our Shoreline exhibition of which I have taken some pictures. Some finished and nearly finished work

Finished piece

Well what to say about this, it is in a state of disarray
while I work out what to do with it. Its supposed to be
one of those tangles of seaweed seen on the strand line.

Another strand line piece forgot the photo until I had put the glass on

A small piece for a driftwood looking frame.

Monday, 20 June 2016

A few pictures of the garden until I get some more work photographed

Olive tree on the left

 Elaeagnus angustifolia This tree has beautifully scented flowers, orange and spice

New pond area in progress

The Rambling Rector highly scented has reached
the top of the tree

Closer view

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Still life

Just collected off the beach, instant still life.

On the beach

I went for a walk on the beach today, I haven't been for so long despite it only being across the road. It has changed so much. Masses of sand has been blown up so the dunes now encroach more onto the beach. The mass of small pieces of wood I normally find have been covered by sand and become part of the dunes. There are more wild flowers and self seeded cultivated ones. The Rosa Rugosa and perennial sweet pea have spread over much wider areas.
It will change again but when you don't go regularly you notice the changes more.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

From the Earth part 2

Connie Flynn

The Kitchen Witch

Bahar Bzc Bozaci

Fabienne Dorsman Ray

Mine on the left Liz Hewitt on the right

Chris Lines

Fabienne Dorsman Ray

Books by various artists, the dark colour one at the back is now sitting on my desk.

Caroline Bell
More beautiful work from the exhibition including my own. I think the blue piece might be by Shelley Rhodes but I don't want to attribute pieces to the wrong artists when I am not sure.

Friday, 10 June 2016

From The Earth part 1

Connie Flynn
India Flint

India Flint

Mary McIntosh

Lizzie Godden

Mary Moorkens

Overview of Mardlebury Gallery
Firstly apologies to the artists whose names I do not have, have spelt wrong or got wrong. I have been going back and forth in Facebook trying to find everybody's name. You can find further images on Facebook at From the Earth Textiles and caroline bell textiles. 
I visited last weekend, its a fantastic exhibition with some amazing and beautiful work. I only took photos of some 
of the work as there is so much and this post is partly so that my friend Liz can get an overview in case she can't 
get there herself. Liz your work will be in Part 2. If you read this blog and see your work incorrectly or not 
acknowledged please leave a comment and I will edit this entry.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

And finally

Shirt detail
 Finally pressed and ready to show, these were all bundled with various leaves that had been rehydrated in hot water and then dipped in iron water. The bath contained purchased liquid madder. I was expecting orange/reds but I guess the iron reacted with the madder to create these colours which I love. My dyeing is getting a bit more sophisticated as you can see from the border on the dress, but it is still very hit and miss and always a surprise to see what comes out. I want it to stay that way as well.
Front of shirt

Back of shirt

Shirt detail

Front of dress

Back of dress

Detail of dress