Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Spring nights

The sun last night at 7pm uk time, just hanging

Cowslips, photo taken at the same time, gradually naturalising
in the front garden.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Rust, weathered and worn

Leaf print

Tea and Rust

Sun flares
Some more work for our exhibition, I forgot to take photos before I framed two of these so sorry for the reflections. The skeleton leaf is a print, something I learnt at an Alice Fox course http://www.alicefox.co.uk and then had a fun day practicing with my friend Liz Hewitt. The picture includes the original leaf.
The weaving is a small piece with rusty pieces and tea stained.
The last photo is another reassembled bark cloth piece and rusted cotton piece.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

A bit sandy

 The disadvantages of living opposite a beach. Storm Doris is doing its worst, blowing sand and sand whirlwinds have been travelling along the road all day. Still we got off lightly, no fallen trees or bits of buildings, just sand in your hair, in your teeth and through any gap in the doors or windows. I can write my name in the sand on the windowsill.
The patio back of the house

The lawn

Part of the drive

Monday, 6 February 2017

Here's something I made earlier

New version (square)
On the right a piece I made a few years ago from rusted cotton and rusted yarn on bark cloth. Last week I worked up the courage to cut it up into strips and alter it.  I used Jude Hill's method of woven patchwork. This meant I lost some of the stitching but managed to save some odd woven bits to use for cards.
 I have consolidated the piece by adding new stitching. New piece on the left, I will try and get a better photo sometime. this piece will be framed.
Old version (long and thin)

This is from another piece I am cutting up. This is complete as it is and will also be framed,  I will then use the rest of the original for another piece.

Detail of another piece I have just finished which is made up from old denim pieces I have kept over the years. It is a wall piece or throw.

At the moment I am into stitching I am sure I will be weaving again soon so will update on the branch piece soon. Not the best photos but the weather has been very dull.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

For Barbara

A view of the piece of driftwood the nest is attached to and the beginnings of another piece of weaving on the same branch. This is all tied on to my upright loom so I hope you can make sense of the photos.
Mo and Grace both liked the way the hag stones looked on the nest when I was using them as weights, they will end up being part of another piece but I think I will try and make another delicate
structure, it did seem to work quite well.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Nest making

Using witches stones as weights

Finished nest

I am gradually getting back into making, this little nest was a right pain to make. I have made it directly onto a piece of driftwood and weighted the warp threads with stones. It is woven from the top down something I have never done before and although it is weighted there is no tension. Normally weaving is done under tension, it is also partly woven from grass. I guess for a first time try it was a rather stupid thing to start on. I probably should have experimented first but thats' not how I work, I have an idea I want to do it immediately. Keeping any sort of tension was hard, the yarn and especially the grass did not want to stay put the warp kept getting muddled and I was sorely tempted to just give up. In the end though its passable.
This is part of a much larger piece of driftwood so more weaving to come. I am making this for our exhibition next year at Weston quarry.

I am also working on another piece for the Festival of Quilts next year as part of a group show of the southwesttextilegroup.org this is under wraps for the time being.

Thursday, 12 January 2017


Tell Me Your Secrets - Gladys Paulus


Moon daughter - Anthropomorphica

Of Root and Antler - Anthropomorphica

This week I went to an exhibition at Llantarnam Grange in Cwmbran. I wasn't sure about going as I am not really into human/animal combinations but my favourite doll artists http://anthropomorphicaartdolloddities.blogspot.co.uk/
It turned out to be an amazing exhibition and yes there were pieces I didn't like but plenty that I did. I didn't take many photos, as the light wasn't very good but here are my three favourites.
Anthropomorphica didn't disappoint, the delicacy of her work is beautiful. I was looking forward to seeing her larger pieces, the Moon Daughter's red belt is very long, down to the floor. If I could afford it I would have bought one of these, I have three of her small dolls already.
I had seen some of Gladys Paulus's mask pieces online before, it person they are stunning and beautifully made. The cat figure is tall, about seven feet maybe, the idea was that people tell her their feelings about their cats and these are stitched on the dress, very impressive.