Thursday, 15 December 2016


I may not be around for a while as I am going through the process of working out in which direction to go with my next two exhibitions, so a bit of brain time is necessary.
This is the quiet time of the year followed by the solstice and other festivities and the awakening of the earth though with the mild weather we have been having there are already signs of these. Seasons greetings to all.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Quarry Exhibition

Cards in progress

Sinclair Taylor

Stephanie Wooster

Vici Campbell

Joan Hall and Helen Nock

Gail Darke and Linda Haile

Linda Haile

Debbie Pawle, Gail Darke, Simon Taylor

My stand

Jack Hicks

Gail Darke, Simon Taylor and Emma Lomax
Sorry if I have omitted any names, but I think that is everybody. Some amazing and unusual work here. There are some more images on my fb page:
and details of opening times etc on the poster.