Friday, 15 February 2013


My weaving is also progressing, the double stripe you can see is where one has overlapped the other as it has been wound on. I liked the look of this so yesterday wove a further bit with the double stripe, I haven't taken a photo of this yet.

We have a meeting of the South West Textile Group tomorrow so I have also been working on one of my pieces for the Suspension exhibition so I have something to show tomorrow. Unfortunately I can't show any of these pieces until the exhibition in June.

Notebook cover

Front with pen pocket

Back with small pocket

Front pocket and detail. Loaded sideways for some reason

View from spine
I have not been sitting idle in the evenings. This is a book cover for a notebook I bought with lovely paper but a horrible cover. I have 3 altogether.
This cover is made from the legs of my daughters jeans when she cut them off to make shorts.

One pair of jeans two further uses.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Saw this on an environmental leaflet from Carphone Warehouse, don't know who's quote it is but it says so much in so few words

 "no single raindrop blames itself for the flood"


The wind came tap, tap, tapping at my door,
Infiltrating through gaps in the window frames and under the doors,
Wrapping me in a shawl of cold air.
It blew sheets of rain at my windows,
And hail at the glass.
Green refuse bags rolled like tumbleweed down the drive,
Bins played dead in its wake,
It came from the West but is now taunting us from the North,
blowing snow and havoc before it.

Monday, 4 February 2013


I get so frustrated when I try to follow a new blog and can't work out how. I find the especially happens at Wordpress and some Blogger sites. When you press the subscribe button it comes up with a page of gobbly gook. Ok I know I follow enough blogs already but I'm addicted and they are all so interesting.
At least some people only blog once a month or so, otherwise my whole day would disappear.

Winter sun on green

Box, olive and unknown tree

Its amazing how green the garden is at this time of the year and how many different shades there are, you can just see the sludgy greeny greys at the bottom of the garden

Crab apple, twisted hazel and grasses
Its great having the sun after so many grey days

Grasses and rosemary
This is a corner of the front garden, blue sky as well.
So if I add captions the photos fit side by side, you learn something new everyday.

I've started getting comments on my blog which is lovely but can't work out how to reply without leaving my own comment, which doesn't seem right. Thanks to you all I will reply individually when I work out how.


A few more inches

Friday, 1 February 2013

A walk around the garden

 A quick walk round the garden, sunny today but cold, two miniature irises have survived my recent diggings.
 Pittosporum 'Tom Thumb' looking much happier after having been relieved of the burden of Salvia 'Hot Lips'.
The primroses have been in flower for about two weeks, looking a bit moth eaten now.
Snowdrops are a disaster so no photos of those, will just have to admire everybody else's
Promises of things to come Hellebore and Daphne buds

Goodies in the post

Look what arrived in the post today, unfortunately the photos don't do justice. From Alice Fox a pamphlet of her new exhibition in Barton on Humber, too far for me to travel to, not by American or Australian standards but too far for us Brits.
I love her work and would send a link if I knew how, anyway you can look on my list of blogs that I follow in my profile

Also from Jennifer Coyne Qudeen my rusted string, plus card plus the rusted cloth it was wrapped in, an extra bonus. You have to check her work out as well, just in case you haven't come across her before. She is the queen of rust.
Thank you both so very much and I do hope you don't mind me sharing.