Saturday, 30 March 2013

Rust Cloth (for Jennifer)

Detail circles
 Rusted cloth and yarn on bark cloth
Detail showing weaving

Detail showing weaving

Detail showing weaving

Rust cloth

Detail showing weaving

This piece uses cloth and yarn sent to me by Jennifer at
I thought it was finished but having looked at the final piece as an image I am wondering if it needs something more. Overall I am pleased with it this is not my usual style at all. Stitching isn't what I do hence the weaving in it a well.  I am being drawn more and more to stitch and am now starting on a second piece of rusted cloth, this time my own but using some more of Jennifer's yarn.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Eco dyeing with Wendy Feldman

Eucalyptus leaves
 Somewhat later than promised, images of work I did at Wendy Feldman's class. The paper was mordanted before use which I think gives a better colour.
Eucalyptus and cochineal

Purple cabbage, rosehips and buckthorn twigs

Red cabbage, sage leaves and crocus flowers

Curly Kale and sumac seeds with a fairy like figure in the centre

Wallflowers and leaves which look like insects, butterflies

Rose leaves
I am hoping to manipulate some of the pieces with stitch though they are on very thick watercolour paper. I should have taken the photos after I had ironed the paper, the fairy figure is clearer now the paper is not creased.
These two beautiful pieces were done by other class members.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Eco Printing

Have just got back from an amazing workshop with Wendy Feldman in Stroud. Will post more tomorrow

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


 Getting some pieces ready for my next hanging which hopefully will be a combination of weaving and stitching onto a piece of bark cloth which is naturally rust coloured. Included are rusty fabrics of my own which have spent the last 3 months in the garden, bought yarns and fabric and yarn from Jennifer Coyne Qudeen.

As I tend not to plan much of work in advance we will see how it goes.

This will be my evening stitching as I have other projects going on the daytime.

The bottom photo shows a more accurate image of the colours. The one on the right is rather dark.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Thank You

To all the bloggers that I follow and the ones I yet to find I would like to say a big THANK YOU. Since discovering blogging just over a year ago my practise has grown by leaps and bounds, or maybe I should say my thoughts about my practise have grown by leaps and bounds, there are so many ideas in my head that my hands can't keep up. My horizons have been stretched to 'infinity and beyond'.

Although I love tapestry weaving I have never found it as relaxing as some practitioners seem to find it but I have now discovered simple hand stitching which is very relaxing and can be done wherever you are (except on planes which is extremely frustrating).

I have also tried eco printing on paper and am looking forward to doing a day course with Wendy Feldberg later this month and an eco dying course later in the year with India Flint neither of whom I would have discovered without blog land.

I have discovered a whole new world out there, so once again thank you

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Finally on the wall

 Ok this is a rubbish photo but at last you can see my Mum's panel actually hanging on the wall. Mine not hers at the moment, I will deliver it tomorrow.

Hopefully by the weekend I will have finished helping with the brochure for our arts week. It's off to the printer on Monday, then I might find some time to produce some new pieces of work to show in my studio during arts week.

They will have to be small due to the time scale. I am hoping to use some of the Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's rusted string for weaving some small pieces to go into a larger piece using rusted fabrics on bark cloth. We will see.

I would also like to incorporate weaving and ceramic, hopefully now I will have time for a little experimentation.

North Somerset Arts Week is from 3rd to the 12th May. Brochures available from mid-March. Do come and see me if you live anywhere close.

I am also taking part in an exhibition at The Bristol Guild in Park Street, Bristol from 15th June to 3rd July. The work for this exhibition will be quite different to the work I normally do.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Finished in the nick of time, well nearly

Bottom half

Full length
 I was still tying off ends on the day of my Mum's birthday, but got it round to her in time.
She loves it so thats good.
As you can see it still lacks a fixture for hanging.
It now needs a good press and a method of hanging and she can have it back again. Its 10 inches wide and about 70 inches long at the moment.
Top half