Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Exhibition opening - too hot

Sand Bay - bottled and shelved
 Our exhibition opening went quite well but it was so hot I think most people just stayed at home or went to the beach. I forgot to take any photos but these are images of my own work.
Mellow Yellow










Driftwood with weaving.
This piece is about 3ft tall 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Friday 13th Moon

Another squiggly photo at the top its very difficult to keep still on a long exposure without a tripod but I quite like this effect.
The middle photo is sort of honey coloured. Apparently a full moon on Friday 13th only occurs about every one hundred years, is this supposed to be auspicious or bad luck?

Friday 13th Sunset

Taken on a slow shutter speed hence the squiggles

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Rust continued

Mo Crow is carrying on an interesting conversation on her blog, http://itscrowtime.wordpress.com/ about rust, continuing on from my earlier posts regarding dyeing with rust.

Monday, 9 June 2014


Two new followers, thank you and welcome.
This week I am helping to hang the iD exhibition in Bristol, will post some photos of my work later in the week. Only managed to finish the last piece today.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Risk taking

I have just washed all my precious silk eco printed and dyed cloth in the washing machine on a hand wash programme. They are all still wet but none seem to have suffered the worse for this treatment.
I had all these pieces of cloth folded in a basket some of which I am very pleased with so I have decided to use them, rather than have them moulder away or suffer from clothes moth damage, a big problem this year. Anyway hopefully I am going to make a couple of garments over the next few months years so watch this space.

Rust dyeing with Alice Fox

From left, on silk, cotton, linen
These are the results of the one day workshop I did with Alice Fox in Stroud. I am slightly disappointed with the results as she usually ends up with lovely soft shades whereas mine are predominately tea coloured. These were stitched first and then dyed due to shortage of time. Alice usually dyes and then stitches but not always. The silk sample was stitched and then wetted with tea and left on top of rusty nails.
The middle one had a rusty chain attached to it and the third has rust stitched in between two layers of fabric. Surprisingly most of the metal in this one did not make marks, the rust on the two larger areas of grey were from a different source than the others. All three were wetted with tea and then rewetted for seven days. These have been washed but not neutralised yet. I will probably then do some further stitching on them.
For those of you who commented on my entry about this workshop, I invited Alice to leave her thoughts which she has done so you may wish to check back a few entries to that post. I also got her address wrong and she has corrected it if any of you wish you look at her work.