Thursday, 25 June 2015

Summer again and some sewing

We keep having glimpses of summer a few lovely days, hot or warm and then the cloud takes over and rain is forecast for tomorrow. These roses are beautiful they start out this rich yellow and then fade to yellow and pink. If I wasn't so lazy I would find out what they are called. My son gave them to my mum for christmas and couldn't understand why she wanted a plant that looked dead, we sent some photos.
Roses from my mums garden
Having finished the work for the exhibition I am now sewing a dress for my nephew's wedding in two weeks time. Its posh, morning suits for the men so I thought I ought to have a posh frock.
Patterns have changed so much since my early sewing days. Everything machine stitched, no facings, turn overs and hems sewn before the side seams. Had a lot of trouble dealing with the neckline just a 1cm turn over, I fear I have stretched the fabric but hopefully a good press will sort it. I have decided after just having done the armholes that less care actually works best, they worked quite easily. Also Vogue patterns seem to be made for very tall women, so had to take about five inches out of the length so hope it still looks like the original when finished.
Vogue pattern
Sixty pounds worth of fabric to cut, nerve racking but it would have cost a lot more to buy a dress like this. The fabric is not pink it is burgundy wine coloured
Silk Dupion
By the way for those of you living in the UK it was actually cheaper to send off to the States for this pattern, even with postage.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Pictures from an exhibition

My work
 The lighting wasn't great but here it is our exhibition in the Weston Quarry gallery.

The first day was a Sunday so not that busy but quite a bit of interest.
My work

My work and Liz Hewitt's vessels

My work

My work

Liz Hewitt's work and my weaving

Liz Hewitt's work

My weaving, Liz's eco dyeing

My eco dyeing Liz's prints and rust dyeing

Friday, 12 June 2015


We open on Sunday, anybody who lives near here, would be lovely to see you, we will be there in person on the 14th, 20th and 21st.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Progressing but not fast enough

It comes to something when you have hardly time to write your own blog let alone read other poeple's. Two or three I always read everybody else is from about four days ago. I'm even two months behind on Jude Hill's 'Small Journeys".
I only have myself to blame so I shouldn't complain, but that isn't really the case, I did leave enough time to get the pieces done, other stuff happens and happens all at once. Two serious family illnesses, helping my daughter move into a house that was, well frankly dirty and needed a lot of cleaning, building flat pack furniture and the other half so busy with work he can't help much and what happens, I don't have time to do my work.
Anyway enough of that, this is Quarry Face 2, it is actually a couple of inches higher than these photos that I took yesterday but still has a way to go. We are hanging the exhibition on Saturday, we only have 3 hours so are planning it all tomorrow, so I only have two days to finish the weaving, finishing and hanging.