Sunday, 29 December 2013


Got very wet taking this photo and nearly missed it, a rainbow straight out of the sea with a faint double, and extraordinary light.

Weaving and stitching

Garden tapestry
Two textile pieces made as christmas gifts, the weaving was for my sister and just made the last post for Christmas, posted on the 23rd.

If you down to the woods

Sprites and teddy

All the figures in the stitched piece above were found in the shapes made during the dyeing process by uneven patterning, all I did was picked them out and enhanced them.
Hope you all had a great christmas.

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Hope you enjoyed your Solstice day, we dressed the tree, visited friends to celebrate and watched the finals of Strictly, a good day.
Happy Solstice to one and all.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Santa and a slice of lemon

We were having dinner on Sunday night when we hear Christmas music, opening the curtains what do we behold but Santa and a light festooned sleigh being towed behind a 4x4, we waved, he waved back, how surreal.
The moon looked like a slice of lemon.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


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Mulled cider on firebowl
Oops forgot to show outside. Willa and her amazing garden

metalwork. We had mulled cider and sausages cooked on her firebowl
Jo Herbert, jeweller, in blue and Willa Ashworth who welds
all the amazing iron work in the photos

My daughter, Jo, Willa and me plus
rusty globe
Also taking part are Liz Hewitt, textiles and Simon Phelps, ceramics. I think that is everyone.

End of the day


First weekend over, second to come, a few images of the studio and new work.

Beach-jute and silk weaving with shells

Safekeeper bags plant dyed material

General view with my weaving and Sara Parsons ceramics

Dominic Hewitt photography at bottom
not great image

Stitched, paint and weaving

General view

Driftwood with weaving

My weaving and Stephanie Wooster's

My work

Eco dyed recyled clothing