Thursday, 30 January 2014

Weaving and burning bundles

Weaving in progress
I am actually weaving, you know what I used to do before being thoroughly distracted by all you lovely dyers and stitchers out there.
This sort of weaving is not really my comfort zone, its a bit technical and has to conform to a shape. Its for a stand that the South West Textile Group will be having at the NEC in March.
Anyway I was getting thoroughly frustrated by trying to work out how to proceed that I didn't notice the smell of burning straight off.
I was trying out dyeing with passion fruit skins, I thought I might get a purply brown but I now have a burnt looking brown. I think it is all salvageable, I will find out tomorrow, last time I did this I found the effects of singed silk (burnt not bursting into song) quite interesting.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Final Pomegranate and Logwood pieces

Logwood on cotton

 This piece was first dyed with pomegranate and the wrapped round a stone and metal lid and re-dyed in the logwood.

I see maybe a hungry sea creature here or a comet?
The colour is not good, bad light but I think we have another moon, I have many moons now to work with.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

More dyeing

Dyed with pomegranate skins

Overdyed with logwood

Cloth and paper, paper dyed with logwood only
 An experiment with pomegranate skins. To save boiling up twice I dyed the fabric with the skins so now have bits to pull off the fabric.
These colours were a bit vague except on the silk so I over dyed some with logwood that I suspect has been around for about twenty years.
I sent off for a natural dye kit and then never did anything with it.  I also now have to pull bits of logwood out of the yarn, you would think I would learn from my mistakes!

Cloth and paper

 The fabric with the circles was wrapped round the blue concertina paper and a tin lid and put in the dye liquor.

The other papers were layered with leaves, wrapped in cardboard and steamed above the dye bath. I am very pleased with these results and still have one more piece to share when it is dry
Even the wrappings were interesting