Saturday, 26 July 2014

A fun day

This week my friend Liz and I had a fun day, we set up hot plates and pans and laid out cloth, leaves and rusty bits of metal, we were about to produce some spells. In one pan went euculyptus leaves and yellow onion skins to which we added bundled up leaves and flowers. Four of my bundles are long white socks, idea courtesy of India Flint.
Our second pan only had water in it and a steamer on top, this one had leaves and paper bound between cardboard and put on to steam; some of my results below.
Leaf printing on paper

Rust bundles

Eco-dyeing bundles
Later we added another pan for bundling, adding various leaves and stems to the water plus some copper piping. While this one was bubbling away we dipped fabric in salt water, painted on brewed tea and wrapped lots of rusty objects. They say patience is a vitue but mine is running out, I want to see the results of our bundles. These images are just of my activity so as you can imagine we have a lot of excitement ahead of us unwrapping everything. We had a fantastic and busy day with fantastic, actually a bit hot for brewing weather.

Friday, 18 July 2014

I am not being idle

Close up with smaller woven squares

I haven't posted for a while but I have not been idly twiddling my thumbs, not much anyway.
I have been considering weave with Jude Hill, mostly in my head, but I have started a sampler to try out different techniques as Jude introduces them. Those of you also considering will realise I am a little behind.
I have also finally managed to get two more pieces of ivy off their respective tree trunks, the sea does not always give up its gifts easily. I am now working on these, while the weather is good, to get them to a state where I can add a little weaving.
Thirdly I am working on a couple of pieces for an exhibition next year.
In between these activities we have been picking raspberries, sugar snap peas, courgettes and lettuces, digging potatoes and pulling carrots and doing a lot of watering as it has been so dry and hot and generally enjoying the garden and the weather. We have not had the expected thunderstorms in our area yet.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

In the meantime

I have been trying to scan a page I wrote about eccentric weaving for the last three days, so in the meantime here are some images of the Glastonbury Festival.
My daughter and me

Sunset over tents

More tents


Not giant bats but aerialists, part of the Arcadia show

Part of the Arcadia show

Arcadia again, with aerialists hanging off the crane parts

I haven't been to this festival for about forty years, it was very small then, now it is massive. We had one day tickets being fairly local and I was quite apprehensive about going but really enjoyed myself despite it being quite muddy in places.
My daughter has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so hired a mobility scooter and had a great time going places no scooter should ever go, but we coped and other festival goers were very happy to help push her back out of the muddy patches.
My daughter and her friend/helper and myself with the Massive Attack light show in the background