Tuesday, 26 January 2016

I've got my weaving mojo back

 Ok there might not seem like a lot of growth between photos no 1 and 2 but thats four hours work, a lot in one day for me. This piece has been struggling for a while and now its turning out differently from what I was expecting mainly due to me coming across a weaver whose work I had never seen. Juliet Martin http://tsgnyblog.org/index.php/2013/12/juliet-martin/ Her work is based on Saori weaving in which I have been interested in for a while but never thought of it in any other way than as another way of producing cloth in a more messy(free form) way. I could relate it to some of my own work but it didn't really click until I saw her work. I feel I am getting somewhere now, my work is moving on from tapestry weaving. I probably shouldn't call myself a tapestry weaver any more in fact I think freeform weaver covers a multitude of sins anyway and I quite like it. So now I am a freeform weaver with a background in tapestry weaving, sounds ok for statements etc. to go with my work, or maybe just a maker which I also like. Anyway I am rambling on a bit, just so pleased to have finally got back to weaving.

Rusted silk and stitch
Here are two more works to do with the exhibition 'Shoreline' in which I am taking part at Weston Quarry in July, along with Lizzie Matthews and Liz and Dominic Hewitt.
Lots more work in the pipeline, will keep you posted.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Rust dyed cloth and a start of weaving again

Four towers - rust dyed and stitched
 Two small 20 x 20cm pieces for an exhibition in April that North Somerset Arts is organising at Weston Quarry. All pieces have to be this size.
Two hearts - rust dyed and stitched
 And I am actually making small beginnings back to weaving, its been three months now since I last wove anything, this will be four long thin pieces based on the beach. I need to get myself going again now, quite a few exhibitions coming up this year.