Monday, 27 October 2014


It is time to stop procrastinating, stop reading blog posts, blow away the cobwebs and DO SOME WORK.
I am putting it off, why, because I collected my work from Ilminster on Saturday and hadn't sold anything, not even a card, it lowered my confidence in my work, which is never high in the first place.
I don't specifically produce work to sell but it still feels good when you do and bad when you don't.
Anyway I have to get over it, I am taking part in a pop up gallery which opens in two weeks, so I need to pull my self together and get going.

Monday, 20 October 2014

The dyeing time of year

 I haven't posted for a while as I am quietly working on pieces for an exhibition next year which I can't really show but now autumn has arrived and the leaves are turning. Unfortunately it is also wet and windy so we may not have them for long.

These are dyed with Sumac leaves, which just happened to belong to a branch lying by the side of the road. I would liked to have been able to collect more but I could sense I wasn't very popular with other road users.

The colour is slightly brighter than these pictures but I haven't washed them yet.

I also have a bag of oak leaves which my mum and aunt collected for me and I am hoping to do some prints on paper with rose leaves.