Monday, 28 March 2016

Pieces for exhibitions


From the shore

The top piece is for an exhibition I am taking part in late July, I am very pleased with this, again I was weaving on a loom where I couldn't see the whole piece so you never quite know what its going to turn out like.
The bottom detail is of a piece I am still working on which is for the exhibition in Street starting early April. The colours are all wrong they are deeper than these, I will post again when it is finished.
I also took two small pieces in today that are for an exhibition opening on Wednesday.
Once the April exhibitions are both on I shall be solely working on the July exhibition which I am really looking forward to and have lots of ideas running around in my head. It is called 'Shoreline'.

Ivy Garland

My neighbour is a bit of a tidy freak, if any plant on my side of the wall reaches the top and pokes over his side he cuts it off, hence my huge ivy garland which is hanging on by a few tendrils.
It looks quite good but I can't imagine its going to hang on for much longer.
 I grow ivy for its berries to provide food for the birds and for shelter for insects and birds.
I am now trying to encourage it to grow in the opposite direction away from his clippers, it will be sad though when this falls down, its about five years of growth and won't do the plants underneath much good when it collapses. I will however have loads of tangled ivy branches to play with.

Thursday, 24 March 2016


Ok well this has uploaded a bit weird but all the information is there. This is a good space in the foyer of the theatre, very pleased to be exhibiting here. The wiggly piece is mine, I do not have the expertise in weaving to do the kind of detail that Hilary does, but then I am quite happy working a bit offside.
When I get time and some sun I will be posting some work.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


I am reading The Home Maker by Dorothy Canfield Fisher published by Persephone Books and originally published in 1924. Very modern for its time it is a book about role reversal. Anyway it has this lovely fragment of poem in it. I don't know who wrote it but most of the quoted works are from Pilgrims Progress.

She wars not with the mystery
Of time and distance, night and day
The bonds of our humanity.
Her joy is like an instant joy
Of kitten, bird or summer fly.
She dances, runs without an aim;
She chatters in her ecstasy.

Friday, 4 March 2016


Google Chrome is no longer supporting my computer so if my blog suddenly disappears sometime in the future and if I can't see any of yours I apologise. I started my blog at Wordpress so I may move back there if this goes, the other blog is