Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Personal Perspective on Landscape at the Makers Guild in Wales

Ann Goddard

Ann Goddard

Ann Goddard
 This was such a fascinating exhibition. My main reason for going was to see Alice Fox whose blog I follow
 but who lives way up the other end of the country.
You may have noticed I was very impressed with Ann Goddard's work. Both use muted colours and natural materials, I was in seventh heaven.
Linda Bristow
 Alice's work was quite difficult to photo to get a clear idea of the subtle range of colours and marks, but I am so glad to have seen her work in the flesh so to speak, instead of just images.
I was also rather taken with Linda Bristow's ceramics and had to purchase a small piece.
The other artists also included Clyde Oliver whose work I admire, luckily my mum has a piece of his work so I can look at that anytime. Other artists were Adam Buick, Julie Miles, Pamela Rawnsley and Jenni Steele. This is a must visit exhibition if you are anywhere near Cardiff, finishes on 28th April.
Linda Bristow

Couldn't resist buying this piece

Alice Fox

Alice Fox

Alice Fox

Alice Fox small books

Alice Fox - finds

Ann Goddard

Ann Goddard

The Big Weave - celebrating the Huguenot silk weavers of Spitalfields

The Hammersmith Morris Men
 More of a small weave but very interesting with demonstrations, selling stalls, hands on and entertainment.

Twenty first century London

Demonstrating Persian knotting

Sample of a Persian carpet

Weaving the word Huguenot

Map of London

Having a go at weaving circles

Members of the drumming troupe

Weaving letters
The Morris Men were excellent which is more than you can say for blogger which keeps moving my images and words around. Unfortunately I didn't get the name of the Persian carpet weaver, his work was stunning. I also didn't manage to see who made the map which was stunning as well.
So sorry to all the artists who have not been acknowledged. During the week one of the original houses was open but unfortunately I was only there for the weekend.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Arts Week in North Somerset

Local venues
North Somerset Arts Week - I am venue 78, and V77 is also in my studio, please come and visit if you live anywhere near me. Brochures available in libraries, galleries and tourist info centres.

There is a lot of talented artists and craftspeople in our county.

Would love to meet anybody out there, who can get here.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Gardening and stitching

I am gardening today, the weather is warm and sunny, such a change from the cold. Of course now it is getting warmer it is also going to rain so I am taking advantage while it is dry. I'm moving my compost heap and spreading my beautiful friable compost all over the garden. Hard work I can only do a couple of barrows at a time.

While I am having a break here are a couple of images of the piece of work I am doing at the moment.
It is going to be called 'solar flares' and is rusted cloth that was left outside for about three months wrapped found an old metal float. The background is bark cloth and I am using a mixture of bought and rusted thread. The weaving is done with rusted thread.
Showing the weaving

this one is being sewn with the rusted thread

 Back to the garden now.
I forgot to rotate this one the extra piece of cloth should be at the bottom