Friday, 23 June 2017

More dyeing

Woad seeds ripe for harvesting

Various clothing items
The really hot weather which has thankfully broken has ripened the woad seeds beautifully. I bought one plant two years ago, I reckon I am going to have a few more to plant next time around. As they are biennial I will plant half the seeds now and half next year.

I have been doing a fair bit of eco printing and dyeing recently of clothing from charity shops for the 'Worn' part of our exhibition. Here are some curing before being washed.

Day Lilies

I love day lilies, you can get colour from them as well especially the dark ones. I freeze them as recommended by India Flint, then they are ready whenever the dyeing mood comes to me.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

and some weaving

Rust dyed woven fabric

On the loom, rusty colours

This piece is finished now
Close ups of some pieces for Liz Hewitt's and my exhibition at Weston Quarry which is then travelling on to the West of England Quilt and Textile show.
Sorry the colours are a bit dark.

Dyeing and drying

Madder dyed clothing
 With the lovely weather I have been getting on with some dyeing as I can now cook them outside. Three garments, the bundle on the right looks the most promising, done in the twice used madder bath.
Some of our onion crop

More Madder
Also drying some of our onion crop.

This was the first batch to go in the bath. Cotton cloth, silk thread and woollen yarn. I was amazed at the difference in colour between the wool and the other fibres. I can't wear wool but am tempted to dye some wool scarves as gifts for winter.

I have done a few more yarns but will show them another time.

Hoping to dye a blouse for my Mum over the weekend.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Natural dyeing

The results of my naturally dyed yarn so far, these are wool and a silk/wool mix and will be used in my weaving. From left daffodil, dandelion, and various shades of logwood. The grey was a used logwood bath with iron added.
Next I am hoping to dye with Rosemary, Lavender and Eucalyptus all from the garden.

Portrait Shuffle

Self portrait
This is my portrait for the portrait shuffle organised by Through our Hands. All the portraits will be on show at the Festival of Quilts in August at the NEC.
Eco printed fabric and silk yarn

The idea is to fundraise for Save the Children. Everybody who enters gets a portrait by another participant after the show. The closing date for portraits to be received is 31st July 2017 so I guess you can still enter.
When I started this piece I was going to do something clever and complicated to represent my work. In the end I did something simple, the me I would like to be and sometimes am. So someone will bet a portrait of the uncomplicated me along with my wonky stitching.
The words are by Mary Oliver and say 'When I am alone I can become invisible.