Monday, 19 January 2015

Peace and Quiet

Its quiet here today, my daughter went back yesterday after a month long stay, along with my son and and his partner who were down for the weekend.
Its been a beautiful sunny day so I have been out in the garden planting the quince tree that my brother gave me for christmas and having a general tidy up and a bit of pruning. Jenny Wren was foraging around in the bushes nearby and Mr Robin joined me for a while.
The pond has a covering of ice which didn't melt all day, its quite cold and now the clouds are gathering over the sea again and the sun is hazy. Rain again tomorrow I think.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Right place, right time

This view was only there for about a minute, how lucky I was to be looking out of the window and my camera was to hand. It would have been good to have had a telephoto lens as well to get a close up. We have been having sleety showers and can see snow on the hills in both Devon and Wales.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A new year

Well here we are in 2015, how did that happen, time seems to travel so fast when you get older.
The first three images below are work I am doing for an exhibition in October with the South West Textile Group, we have to have some work finished for publicity in May. The stitched piece is about three and a half metres long and half a metre wide and its nearly finished, a lot of evening stitching involved. The woven piece is one of ten  5 x 5 inch pieces which will be framed two wide and five long probably, I have only done four of these so far. Both pieces are based on the fossils of sea lilies which apparently are still growing under the sea to this day. The exhibition is to be held in Taunton Museum and each piece of work is takes its inspiration from a piece in the museum.
The pebble piece at the bottom is my stock in trade and is for the North Somerset Arts trail which takes place in May. The yarns are actually all shades of grey but the camera didn't seem to get that.

Happy New Year to you all.