Monday, 23 January 2012

Elemental Rainbow

The very beginning

The next piece 
These are taken from a new piece for an exhibition by the South West Textile Group. More about the exhibition later.The idea is that members create a strip of textile 5" wide by 8' long from the colour circle.
We also have done a 5" x 5" square in our colour.
Ok I know this doesn't look very colourful but I am dying my piece after it comes off the loom.
I have decided to make the whole strip of 5" x 5" squares all connected.
As I am weaving this on a small knitters loom and rolling on I only get to see about 9" at a time, hence the photo of each piece otherwise I'd forget what I had already done.

My 5" square mounted

This is the approximate colour that the finished piece will be.  The colour is light azure, this looks
a bit brighter than it actually is.

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