Thursday, 13 December 2012

Busy, busy,busy.

I haven't posted for a couple of weeks, have been very busy. My two open weekends went OK but not brilliantly we had lovely weather but not enough visitors, felt very despondent after the first weekend. Of course we are a little off the beaten track, anyway everybody sold something which always helps and I sold two large pieces just before we were closing on the Sunday which made my day.

I visited an exhibition on Sunday by iD artists, a group that covers many different disciplines and have been invited to submit some images so I can join their group. Just when I had decided to withdraw a bit from deadlines I decide to join another group!!!

I have also been buried under paper and emails to do with North Somerset Arts. Next May we are having our biennial arts week, registration closed at end of October and we are still dealing with queries, missing images etc. Oh for artists all being practical and submitting information on time, still I suppose we just represent in a small way how different and individual people are.

Amazingly enough I seem to have bought most of the presents and have a turkey languishing in the freezer. Not that I am sure that its not warmer in the freezer than it is outside. I had to break the ice on the birdbath this morning with a fireman's hammer, they have a pointy bit on one end and even then it was hard work.

I wasn't going to add any images but here's a couple of the exhibition in my studio.

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