Friday, 22 March 2013

Eco dyeing with Wendy Feldman

Eucalyptus leaves
 Somewhat later than promised, images of work I did at Wendy Feldman's class. The paper was mordanted before use which I think gives a better colour.
Eucalyptus and cochineal

Purple cabbage, rosehips and buckthorn twigs

Red cabbage, sage leaves and crocus flowers

Curly Kale and sumac seeds with a fairy like figure in the centre

Wallflowers and leaves which look like insects, butterflies

Rose leaves
I am hoping to manipulate some of the pieces with stitch though they are on very thick watercolour paper. I should have taken the photos after I had ironed the paper, the fairy figure is clearer now the paper is not creased.
These two beautiful pieces were done by other class members.

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