Saturday, 6 April 2013

Gardening and stitching

I am gardening today, the weather is warm and sunny, such a change from the cold. Of course now it is getting warmer it is also going to rain so I am taking advantage while it is dry. I'm moving my compost heap and spreading my beautiful friable compost all over the garden. Hard work I can only do a couple of barrows at a time.

While I am having a break here are a couple of images of the piece of work I am doing at the moment.
It is going to be called 'solar flares' and is rusted cloth that was left outside for about three months wrapped found an old metal float. The background is bark cloth and I am using a mixture of bought and rusted thread. The weaving is done with rusted thread.
Showing the weaving

this one is being sewn with the rusted thread

 Back to the garden now.
I forgot to rotate this one the extra piece of cloth should be at the bottom

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