Friday, 26 July 2013

Peacocks on Buddleias

My favourite buddleia

Peacock butterfly

Bees on the lavender


Day Lily

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Peacocks on buddleias,
 bees on the lavender, roses in bloom,
and day lilies to dye with,
bright orange nasturtiums,
 and loganberries to eat,
 these are a few of my favourite things.

Ok it doesn't quite work, but then I never have been a poet. I have been picking lavender each day, not the one in the picture but a paler highly scented one that came with the garden, it makes fantastic dried lavender for scented sachets.
The next post may have a bit about stitching but still no weaving is being done.


  1. You and I are definitely on the same path. We haven't had many bees or butterflies this year - probably due to all the rain. Last night we even had a hailstorm -- but the blooms are perfect again this morning so all is well.

  2. I think so Penny. We have loads of butterflies and bees due mainly to recent heatwave I suspect. This is the best of the garden at the moment, the rest is parched, and the grass brown but we are due much needed rain today.
    The weather does seem to be quite extreme this year but we were warned, global warming is making its presence felt I fear.