Friday, 20 September 2013


I am no writer but these words came to me this morning and for some reason needed to be shared.

She continued on through time and space, set about by ordinary things but dreaming of another life.
She walked along beaches and through woods collecting objects and storing away thoughts as squirrels store their nuts,
She observed butterflies and bees and spoke to frogs gently coaxing them to safer hiding places,
She listened to the birds and ate blackberries among the brambles.

She listened to Mother Earth and Father Sea as they combined in ecstasy, washing away words written in the sand until she was at peace,
Sitting on a sea washed log carried by water from far off places.

Well this might become embarrassing but I'm posting anyway.


  1. Beautiful words. Only one question, why would she dream of another life when she has such riches in this one? Or perhaps as she looks around and sees the beauty she realizes that this is the life she was meant for.

    1. Thats something to think on, an enigma, I have no answers.