Wednesday, 2 July 2014

In the meantime

I have been trying to scan a page I wrote about eccentric weaving for the last three days, so in the meantime here are some images of the Glastonbury Festival.
My daughter and me

Sunset over tents

More tents


Not giant bats but aerialists, part of the Arcadia show

Part of the Arcadia show

Arcadia again, with aerialists hanging off the crane parts

I haven't been to this festival for about forty years, it was very small then, now it is massive. We had one day tickets being fairly local and I was quite apprehensive about going but really enjoyed myself despite it being quite muddy in places.
My daughter has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so hired a mobility scooter and had a great time going places no scooter should ever go, but we coped and other festival goers were very happy to help push her back out of the muddy patches.
My daughter and her friend/helper and myself with the Massive Attack light show in the background


  1. Debbie, thank you for taking me to the Glastonbury festival, I've always wanted to go. Reminds me of the old Woodstock festival of long ago with a little present day Burning Man festival. Added treat to see you and your daughter. I've read about this years festival in the Guardian as well as The Telegraph. My son in law is British and a few years ago, he, my daughter and grandchildren visited Glastonbury, not for the festival but in the dead of winter! They had made a family trip to visit with his father. At one of the many fascinating shops in Glastonbury, they purchased "magick" acorns as a gift for me. They also spotted a very old tree and knowing my love of these ancient beings, took a photo for me. The photo became my inspiration for a cloth that I made using naturally dyed cloth. The gnarly stretching branches of the tree reminded me of a dragon so I named the cloth, Dragon Tree.

    1. Hi Marti, glad you enjoyed it, its not as hippy as it and Woodstock used to be but still great fun, though I am not sure I would want to stay for the whole four days.
      Glastonbury itself is a lovely and interesting town with all sorts of weird shops and of course a wonderful ruined abbey and the Tor. It is a very ancient place with a good atmosphere, gnarly old trees are great arn't they its amazing what you can visualise in them.

  2. Replies
    1. Brave? no not really, originally I was just going to drive my daughter there and back but when the opportunity came up to use somebody's ticket it seemed silly not to take it.

  3. your day at glasto looks magic - what a great thing to have done together
    i too have ME/CFS, i bought a scooter, best thing i ever did, it really extends my boundaries

  4. Hi, I am sorry to hear you have ME, I am amazed at how many people I know do have it. Yes it was a great day and hiring the scooter was really the only was she could have done it. I think Glasto is the only festival that has this facility, they are very organised, on the whole as far as disabilities go. Unfortunately at the moment she has a room in a shared flat which is up steps so its not possible for her to own a scooter.