Saturday, 9 August 2014

I think its over

Rust on silk

You may have noticed that I work in bouts of activity. I think this one may be over. I have finished all my little projects and probably will be having a break from dyeing experiments.

I will be working in the background on various on going projects but may not be blogging for a little while.


  1. nonono....not for always i hope
    just found you and love your work and interests
    Jude, India,

    1. Hi Yvette and welcome, I love your work. Definitely not for always will be back soon, I am working on projects for exhibitions so can't show them at the moment and of course following weave.

  2. Hi Debby came to your blog via Yvette and please dont stop blogging!

    I just startet weaving with Jude's Considering Weave and love to see your interesting and different weaving.

    1. Hi Matine and welcome, I follow you on Found,Stitched and Dyed. I am just having a break and will most definitiely will not be stopping blogging, I am just working on a very slow project at the moment.