Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Whilst not blogging I completely forgot to mention that I made a skirt out of fabric I had dyed a while back. Its not perfect, its a long time since I have done any dressmaking but I am quite pleased with the result. The pattern is a Vogue pattern designer Marcy Hilton.

Silk skirt using eco dyed fabric
 It is mainly machine stitched but I top stitched all the seams using a running backstitch which I learnt from one of Jude Hill's online classes. Its a very useful stitch as it looks like running stitches but won't pucker or pull. I am hoping to wear the skirt to the preview of the exhibition by South West Textile Group in Ilminster on Monday evening.

Close up of handstitched top stitch
There will be a seperate entry with just a peek of my two pieces both of which I hope will be hung.


  1. Debbie, I ADORE your skirt; not only is it ecoprinted BEAUTIFULLY but the style is terrif ! All best wishes for your exhibition - be sure to post about it ;>]]

  2. p.s. Would you kindly post that Vogue pattern # - or email to me - would love to give it a try myself. thank you!

    1. Hi Christi, thank you for your kind comments. The pattern is V8499. The pockets have zips which I didn't include, one zip was quite enough for me, also as the pockets are huge and really a decoative feature I sewed a small pocket inside one of them to make it more practical. Other than that its a great pattern and fairly easy.

    2. Sweet! Many thanks.
      I will bypass the zippers, too. Luv the pocket-within-a-pocket idea.

  3. ah, a skirt! love this and wouldn't mind wearing it myself;-)