Sunday, 26 July 2015

Recovering chairs

Finished chair

Pad removed

Original cover looking the worse for wear

The fabric that I am using to cover these eight dining room chairs is now in its fourth house, having resided twice with me and twice with my Mum. They were originally curtains made for us when we lived in Dubai. They have since been unstitched, restitched and altered several times. One pair is still hanging in the dining room. The covers are made from another pair that were very short, after being altered for a smaller room and the others are being remade for my daughter's house, so that will be their fifth rehanging. Now that's what I call recycling.
Our furniture moves round between all our houses as well as our needs and space change, the chairs we had made, again in Dubai but the sideboard and table once belonged to my Mum.


  1. beautiful cloth, how old is it & did you use little upholstery tacks or staples?

    1. Hi Mo, this is only about 25 years old, quite young relative to some curtains I have owned. I used staples, I find it easier to get a good fit when you can stretch with one hand and staple with the other.