Thursday, 13 August 2015


I am feeling very industrious at the moment, its a good feeling but may not last long, it often doesn't especially as it involves lavender bags and another five chair covers.
Anyway today I have been making lavender bags, you need the patience of a saint and a high boredom threshold, this is just over an hour of work, all I could manage. The lavender is from my garden and is actually last years but still very pungent. This years will be made into more professional looking lavender bags and pillows which will be for sale nearer Christmas.


  1. Love the aromatherapy of working with lavender, it heals the heart by relaxing the tensions in muscles and mind,

    1. Yes I love the scent, I have a ring of roses and lavender in the garden which I love sitting in the centre of and just breathing in the scent so relaxing.

  2. Ahhh...lavender pillows, now that's a nice thought! :)

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I hope you do get to The Festival of Quilts in the next coming year or two. It is a grand experience ... although it is almost overwhelming! Can you tell me exactly HOW you manage to create the fabulous impressions of leaves on fabric via eco-printing? I'd love something like a "witch's recipe" with which to dabble! Obviously, I will not be sewing anything into a functional garment. I really admire people like you who can do this. I'm simply not in that group! LOL!

  4. Hi Susan thanks for popping over, quilts arn't really my thing but the show is obviously so much more than this so yes I must go.
    I would love if there were a witches recipe, well there sort of is I was taught by India the doyenne of eco dyeing. Basically however its experimenting, silk and wool work best being protein fibres, I mainly used silk noil, already made ready for dyeing. Then you just roll leaves, or flowers, in a tight bundle tie tightly with string and cook in a pot of water for a while. I leave the bundles over night in the pan with the heat turned of,f leave to dry for a couple of days unwrap and see what pleasures, or sometimes disappointments await.
    Some plant matter can be very smelly and is best done outdoors. I only use plant material collected locally and I mainly use leaves picked up from the ground rather than taken from the trees.

  5. Thanks Debbie, I am a fan of Alice Fox's work. I got her book after writing my recent post and it is a great summary of how to make use of a 'sense of place' wherever one lives.