Sunday, 20 December 2015

What a plonker. Happy Christmas and Happy Solstice.

I don't think this expression is used much these days but I felt like a right plonker when after finally managing to get the South West Textile Group exhibition at Taunton Museum I forgot to take any photos of my own work or anybody else's for that matter. I wanted to show all you kind people out there my finished pieces finally hung.
Its a good exhibition beautifully hung by the museum staff and well worth a visit if you live near though it finishes on the 2nd January.
I am hoping that a friend might have taken a photo they can send me, otherwise I may be able to take a couple when we collect our work next year.
Happy end of year in whichever form you celebrate it and thank you for reading my little offerings and for your lovely comments throughout the past year.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the photos when they happen with best wishes for even more magic & wonder in 2016!

  2. I've actually been to the exhibition space in Taunton! It is a nice location for textiles! Thanks for the comment on my blog! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. May the coming of the light fill you with joy and blessings and thank you Debbie for sharing your creativity, your thoughts and your life with all of us via Tapestry and Sand.

    1. Thank you all and best wishes for the coming year.