Saturday, 21 May 2016


One of my latest dye experiments, these were dipped in iron water before bundling, I learnt this technique from reading Fabienne's words.
I have also dyed some clothes will post some photos once I have ironed them, I am very happy with the 
results. Oh dear funny typing again.


  1. Iron water? Very interesting, I'll try too :-)

  2. Debbie, this is really stunning! Do you mean water with rust in it? I have spent some time doing rust dyes by wrapping rusted metal in fabric, and I love the surprise element of that. This also reminds me of leaf and flower pounding, but I don't think the result of that would be as lasting.

  3. if you have time, can you talk about what you did here?
    and i look forward to the clothing pics

  4. I like the way iron water adds a sense of depth of chiaroscuro to the material