Monday, 5 December 2016

Quarry Exhibition

Cards in progress

Sinclair Taylor

Stephanie Wooster

Vici Campbell

Joan Hall and Helen Nock

Gail Darke and Linda Haile

Linda Haile

Debbie Pawle, Gail Darke, Simon Taylor

My stand

Jack Hicks

Gail Darke, Simon Taylor and Emma Lomax
Sorry if I have omitted any names, but I think that is everybody. Some amazing and unusual work here. There are some more images on my fb page:
and details of opening times etc on the poster.


  1. An amazing exhibit! I could have spent hours looking at so many unusual things. Your stand has wonderful variety, and you know I always love your weavings. I also particularly like Linda's dolls, do you know the material she used on the faces? Great photos!

    1. Thank you Barbara. The dolls faces are made from air dried clay. She used to make them with clay but lost the use of a kiln when she stopped teaching so now uses the air dried version.

  2. it all looks great, especially your stand!

  3. what a really great space this is presented peaceFULL
    i so wish i could see closely...
    your things are so FINE...... and the cards you mention....????

    1. Thank you Grace, yes it is a lovely space. The cards are now on the stand packaged and it with my other cards so not very visible.

  4. That looked like a fantastic exhibition Debs. What an end to the year X