Monday, 28 August 2017

Phew, nearly there

 This is the final large piece that I have completed for our stand at the The South West Quilt and Textile Show, stand G56
I have been very busy completing work hence no blogging. This will be wall hung at the show.

 This is of a small piece that is waiting to be framed.
Small piece, limpet shell. weaving, rust dyeing
I will take some photos while I am at the show which opens on Friday 1st September.


  1. your work sings with the sound of waves

  2. Debbie, your ability to breathe life and story into your materials is in a word, incredible. As I look at your large piece, a title comes to me, Dance of Drift and Weave and I see this hung not on a wall but on a tree outdoors, the moon is rising and women dance in the sand to the music of the surf...

    1. I love getting your comments they are always so poetical and flattering. I have used your title, I ought to get you to name all my pieces, I am very bad at that.

  3. Love this small waiting to be framed piece!