Saturday, 14 October 2017

My favourite Season

Autumn colour


Rose hips

Squash in the hedge


Autumn is my favourite season, mellow and bright. Still warm at the moment, still a lot of colour in the garden. We have began harvesting squash, a good year for all our vegetables, I have frozen pounds of beans, and during the year have also harvested potatoes, onions, garlic and salad crops. We are still harvesting carrots, beetroots. winter salad leaves mooli and have just began to dig the parsnips.
Rowan berries

Late ripening
Still having trouble with my wrist so sadly no hand sewing and slow weaving happening. I am having an injection on Tuesday which will hopefully keep me going until I can have an operation. At the moment I am still waiting to go on a waiting list despite having been diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome six months ago. Unfortunately that is our modern NHS or at least in this area.


  1. Debbie, you may not be able to sew or weave right now and I am sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel BUT you stitch together the abundance and beauty of Autumn and weave with words how it is to grow luscious, sustainable food and that is a gift. Autumn sings to me, and it does so quietly and deeply. it too is my favorite season and consider autumn to be the start of my new year probably due to my September birthday. Everything about the season, the autumnal light of the sky, the changing colors that form a tapestry of the season, the crispness of air that quietly swirls as well as dances, all leads us on a path to quieter times, deeper introspection as we settle in...

    1. Meant to note that "you stitch together the abundance and beauty of Autumn" with your photos...

    2. Marti, beautiful words once again, your use of language is so expressive, do you write poetry?

  2. Thanks Debbie. No I don't write poetry and in fact, am not much of a poetry reader; I just love words. Perhaps it stems from learning English as a child. My parents came from Spain to the United States and I grew up in a bilingual household.