Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Pipe cleaner people

I haven't been doing any making for a while, now back to doing a bit though this will be slowed down by an operation to rectify carpel tunnel syndrome tomorrow. I am making pipe cleaner people for my second piece for the Bristol Guild exhibition in April. I have the idea for the completed piece in my head, just hope its going to come out looking good and not a bit naff.


  1. good luck with the surgery tomorrow and re naffness, I always feel like I'm treading the line between naff and the piece actually working, itls all in the eye of the beholder though, a couple of my most outrageous disasters have been collected by friends who enjoy High Kitsch!

  2. Thanks Mo, can't imagine you producing anything naff.

  3. oh there's been lots of dream things that the best thing I could say is a bit naff truly ugly is probably a better description, the best one was a blue glass water lily made in my first year of art school when I went back as a mature age student, the idea sounds beautiful and it's hard to make something truly ugly out of glass but I managed & my friend who collected kitsch, you know the sort of house B&W flake cow leather light switch covers, the glowing heart of Jesus in 3D, the stag on the mountain in 3D, she had to have my lame lily, hehe!