Thursday, 12 April 2012

Musings on life

I was in the garden this morning planting some new purchases and was thinking about writing up a list of new plants in my gardening journal which I always forget to do. Then I thought why not start another blog for garden notes, it seems to be easier to write when you are on the computer than get out a book.

This reminded me of a conversation I had over Easter about Kindles. At the moment when I buy a book, sometimes new sometimes from a charity shop, it gets read by at least three other people, sometimes more before it goes on my bookshelf or to a charity shop for others to enjoy. You can't lend your Kindle to somebody to read and neither can they then go to help a charity or get read by anybody else.

Our lives are becoming too technology based. My husband has all the letters his mother wrote during her lifetime, which create an amazing personal and historical record. What will happen in the future, our children won't have our memories, we don't keep e-mails, what happens to our blogs when we die, they get wiped off the computer and the face of the earth. Where will future generations historical perspective come from. Before writing was invented we can only really surmise on how people lived there lives, are we going back to this in the future and does it really matter.

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