Sunday, 29 April 2012

Stroud visit

Yesterday we visited this years Stroud International Textile Festival exhibition. It has a different flavour this year and mostly takes place in the Museum in the Park. Based on Pairings, two artists of different disciplines have collaborated to produce work for the exhibition.

The resulting exhibition is fascinating and worth a visit, unfortunately I forgot my camera but you can find info and pictures on the website. Reading the blogs of the participating artists as they discuss their working practices, thoughts and processes also makes fascinating reading. Some of the pairings, to my mind anyway, worked better than others, I didn't feel that some of the work really gelled.

Two of the pairings struck me as working particularly well Sharon Blakey and Isimi Samanidou used cloth and ceramic in an aesthetically pleasing way, their work complimenting each others perfectly. If these pieces had been for sale they would most definitely have been on my wish list.

The other collaboration that I felt worked particularly well was Dawn Mason and Nigel Hurlstone whose pieces used a limited palette of colours but was very effective in provoking thoughts of loss and sorrow. Nigel Hurlstone's large portraits being particularly striking and evocative.

The other artists involved were Alice Kettle, David Gates and Jane Webb: Kate Egan and Vanessa Cutler.: Annie Shaw and Shelly Goldsmith: Jane Keating and Jilly Morris: Janet Haigh and Rachel Kelly.

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