Thursday, 5 July 2012

Flowers and fruit

Todays berry picking

Ripening blueberries
 Everyday at this time of year I go out to the garden to pick berries for breakfast. Wild strawberries grow everywhere, we also have cultivated strawberries in pots and three blueberry bushes in half barrels(first pickings today). Down the garden I have two blackcurrant bushes. one redcurrant and a loganberry and blackberry growing on the fence. A also have a gojiberry bush which grows proliferately but hasn't flowered this year.
Loganberries and Blackberries
I also have two apple trees and a damson all only two years in the garden and disappointing this year but did well last year. We also have an apple tree on the beach and sloes so later in the year I hope to be making apple chutney and sloe gin.  (Why do I have two sizes of print and why is this a negative of the rest, oh the joys of blogging)
 I've gone a bit overboard with photos of the garden but there haven't been many sunny days when I've had the opportunity to get outside.
Angel's fishing rod
 I can't be bothered to look up the proper names for all these plants, anyway angels fishing rods is a lovely name, its taken a long time to get established this is the first time it has flowered
My favourite grass looking its best
This small tree smells delicious

Angels fishing rod and unnamed geranium taken from seeds at
Oxford botanic gardens where it didn't grow into a monster

My newest rambling rose

This lavender is a lovely colour but doesn't smell very strong

Seasonal pots

Sculpture with grasses

A foxglove

Gertrude Jekyll


Detail seasonal pots

Geranium with bee

Close up of fishing rods

Scabious with bee?

Detail of flowers on small tree

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