Sunday, 1 July 2012

This weekend

The Womad event was much better than I had anticipated, no huge crowds but families picnicking very civilised. The music was varied and interesting and not too loud. An all female group called the Boxettes were amazing the sang and made music with their voices, this is apparently called beatboxing, I've never heard of it shows I'm getting old. Only real complaint if you're reading this Womad is the stages needed to be higher especially for people 5 foot 3inches and shorter.
There was an amazing dance troupe but most of the time I could only see their arms and heads.

We also went to the Easton Arts trail, but gave up when we had to start paddling, overall I would have to be honest and say the work was mainly mediocre but some was amazing, one venue had beautiful photographs of Orkney and another excellent mixed media work. My favourite however was a women who originated from the Pacific Islands and made baskets, mats and other containers for her own use mainly out of flax. She was so happy that she could make things that she could use, her work was both beautiful and useful.

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