Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Couch grass

It has been a beautiful sunny day, no snow here yet. This morning I have been helping my brother prepare his raspberry bed and this afternoon I have dug up about another two square feet of my border in an effort to eliminate the couch grass. Its a bit heart breaking when you discover it growing back in the areas you have already dug so carefully.
I have decided not to replant my Lobelia 'Hot Lips' it was getting completely out of control. This means I can now reach the blackberry and loganberry growing on the fence without being attacked by the Lobelia.
Unfortunately trying to get the grass out of the roots of my three year old apple tree has destabilised it, not that I dug it up, just round it, I hope it will settle down again. I'm also not sure I should be digging up plants at this time of the year even when they are being replanted on the same day as it is so cold at night.  But then again one has to take advantage of any dry day at the moment or I will still be digging in the summer.
I'm also going to dig up and transplant my four year old hazel, eek, its not growing well as it is competing with a May Tree and Elder. Wish me luck.


  1. Couch grass in my experience seems to be almost impossible to eradicate Debbie :( It has infiltrated a raised bed at the allotment where I had strawberry plants. Not sure what my strategy will be this year. Hope that your little apple tree soon settles back in and provides you with a good harvest this year.

  2. Thanks Anna, welcome to my blog I follow yours avidly.
    Couch grass is a real pain, I think it came in with the manure I collect from the local stables and yes you cant really ever get rid of it.