Friday, 1 February 2013

Goodies in the post

Look what arrived in the post today, unfortunately the photos don't do justice. From Alice Fox a pamphlet of her new exhibition in Barton on Humber, too far for me to travel to, not by American or Australian standards but too far for us Brits.
I love her work and would send a link if I knew how, anyway you can look on my list of blogs that I follow in my profile

Also from Jennifer Coyne Qudeen my rusted string, plus card plus the rusted cloth it was wrapped in, an extra bonus. You have to check her work out as well, just in case you haven't come across her before. She is the queen of rust.
Thank you both so very much and I do hope you don't mind me sharing.


  1. I'm so glad that you like the rusty thread and the other little bits! Got a good laugh out of your queen of rust comment. Thank you!

  2. lucky you!

    xox - eb.