Friday, 15 February 2013


My weaving is also progressing, the double stripe you can see is where one has overlapped the other as it has been wound on. I liked the look of this so yesterday wove a further bit with the double stripe, I haven't taken a photo of this yet.

We have a meeting of the South West Textile Group tomorrow so I have also been working on one of my pieces for the Suspension exhibition so I have something to show tomorrow. Unfortunately I can't show any of these pieces until the exhibition in June.


  1. Beautiful colours you are using... you have far more patience than me, I've yet to tackle a weaving more than 2" square! I rather like the texture of the bare warp threads too.

  2. Thank you Helen,
    Some of your work uses similar colours I noticed.
    Weaving is a slow craft thats for sure, I don't do really large pieces as so many tapestry weavers do.

  3. And Helen thanks for following my blog