Friday, 4 October 2013

More dyeing efforts

cotton T shirt

dyed with eucalyptus
I am hoping to dye a small amount of recycled clothing to sell at my Christmas studio opening.
I am pleased with the yellow, leaves from the same tree have come out brown on the silk below.

This will be part of my walk in the woods piece.
Oak leaves on wool

Eucalyptus on silk noil

Maple leaves on silk noil
 These three images are the silk I have dyed to make a skirt, very subtle colours but that suits me as long as they don't fade when I wash the fabric.
Eucalyptus and maple

Not sure about this one

Day lilies on silk
Experiments with ice flowers


  1. I LOVE the one you're 'not sure of' -- very interesting color and textures.

  2. Yes it is an interesting colour but I can't work out what it is at the moment

  3. I like that one too, looks like rock surfaces or something: why aren't you sure about it?

    1. What I meant was I wasn't sure what I had dyed it with, sorry very unclear. I have now washed and ironed all the pieces I dyed so it doesn't look like a rock face any more.