Thursday, 21 November 2013

Autumn colour

 I am still furiously working towards my open studio next weekend but thought I would post some photos of the garden. The miniature Acers (they just don't grow) are slowly dropping their leaves which I am collecting for dyeing.

I am also going to try using the strawberry leaves in dyeing, haven't tried them before.

The marigolds are still flowering away and I also have a yellow rose in flower and quite a few salvias

Probably won't have much time to post now until my exhibition is all set up.


  1. Goodness what a riot of colour you have in your garden Debbie! Especially at this time of year! Am very envious. I look forward to seeing the results of your dyeing from them. Good luck with all that. I've just taken some fabric out of some black bean water. Come out a lovely pinky/purple. See if it stays like that after it's dried. X

    1. Yes the garden is just beginning to mature six years after it was planted. The rowan berries are a feast for the birds, they have nearly all been eaten since I took these photos.

  2. Best wishes for a very successful Open Studio, Debbie.
    And my oh my, isn't your fall color a bountiful sight?!

  3. All this color at this time of the year. Everything is grey and rainy and curling into itself as winter approaches.