Thursday, 30 January 2014

Weaving and burning bundles

Weaving in progress
I am actually weaving, you know what I used to do before being thoroughly distracted by all you lovely dyers and stitchers out there.
This sort of weaving is not really my comfort zone, its a bit technical and has to conform to a shape. Its for a stand that the South West Textile Group will be having at the NEC in March.
Anyway I was getting thoroughly frustrated by trying to work out how to proceed that I didn't notice the smell of burning straight off.
I was trying out dyeing with passion fruit skins, I thought I might get a purply brown but I now have a burnt looking brown. I think it is all salvageable, I will find out tomorrow, last time I did this I found the effects of singed silk (burnt not bursting into song) quite interesting.


  1. Aaahh! The labyrinth weaving! It's looking good so far Debbie. I've gone out and bought a couple of pomegranates to play with dyeing with them. I was inspired after seeing your results. Good luck with the labyrinth x

    1. Thanks Jan, its getting more fiddly and wrong as it goes along, but with a little cheating I hope it will be acceptable, I will be glad when I have finished it.
      I was pleased with the results from the pomegranate, I probably had the skins of about 6 fruits, and have about the same again for another batch. Unfortunately my daughter is now back in London so I probably won't be doing any more.