Sunday, 12 January 2014

More dyeing

Dyed with pomegranate skins

Overdyed with logwood

Cloth and paper, paper dyed with logwood only
 An experiment with pomegranate skins. To save boiling up twice I dyed the fabric with the skins so now have bits to pull off the fabric.
These colours were a bit vague except on the silk so I over dyed some with logwood that I suspect has been around for about twenty years.
I sent off for a natural dye kit and then never did anything with it.  I also now have to pull bits of logwood out of the yarn, you would think I would learn from my mistakes!

Cloth and paper

 The fabric with the circles was wrapped round the blue concertina paper and a tin lid and put in the dye liquor.

The other papers were layered with leaves, wrapped in cardboard and steamed above the dye bath. I am very pleased with these results and still have one more piece to share when it is dry
Even the wrappings were interesting


  1. Happy new year Debbie. You've had some fantastic results with dyeing this year. I look forward to seeing what you do with it all. Sometimes it takes while for the 'project' to emerge that will use the dyeing....least it does with me! X

    1. Happy New Year to you. I have had great fun with my dyeing this year, some of which I have developed further but mostly not yet. They are just waiting for inspiration which as you say could take some time.
      I have one project in the pipeline for an exhibition later this year used bundled up leaves, watch this space.

    2. Jan I meant to say I am very interested in what you are doing now with the bleaching, some interesting results

  2. Thanks Debbie. It was a good weight black cotton, and worked well. I tried the same thing with some very thin patterned silk, and haven't had a result at all. I think I was a bit worried it would just make holes! Probably washed out the bleach too early. But I'm going to put the bleach onto the black cotton again, and await the arrival of holes! That might be an interesting result?