Sunday, 5 April 2015

Alice Fox workshop day 2

On the beach again in the morning up at the end where the fishing boats are kept, lots of interesting finds, in the afternoon printing, something I haven't done before. There was a printing press available which I didn't use but I had lots of fun printing using rollers. Something I can do easily at home.

More rusty bits

Sea weed and rusty nails

Prints from sea weed and pampas grass

Prints from bits of found metal

Prints from a drinking straw and rubbings from shells


  1. Been collecting found objects, etc. What is your print process?

  2. What Alice taught us is I think a pretty standard process. You need a piece of glass or acetate, two rollers one for ink and one to keep clean and some printing ink. You squidge a bit of ink on the glass and then roll it evenly with the roller until you get a thin even layer on the glass and the roller. You then ink what you what to print with the roller, I can't remember whether you put the item down first or the paper, anyway you place it all on a piece of paper then cover with another piece of paper and then use the dry roller, pressing evenly to trnasfer the image. Hope that makes sense.

  3. the back of a soup spoon works well too!